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"Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts." -- Winston S. Churchill

Jordan and Taylor Moore started in Pest Control in 2011. At that time, Jordan was attending college and thought he was going to be an accountant. The summer of 2011 changed Jordan’s and Taylor’s life, and made for pest control to be part of ‘their’ entrepreneurial destiny. Jordan knocked doors in Indianapolis, In., that summer while his wife, Taylor, worked in the office answering phone calls and handling paperwork. The couple was promoted to levels of management the year (2012) in Charlotte, NC where they achieved tremendous success and Jordan managed a ‘direct’ sales team while Taylor handled a lot of the operational logistics for the new branch. It was after that summer that Jordan and Taylor decided to drop out of college and start their own pest control company.


They have had their shares of ups and downs, going from a 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment and living on less than $23,000 a year to creating a organization that is customer centric, prided on World Class customer service, and most importantly, driving customer satisfaction.


Since 2013, they have been responsible for approximately 76,500 services!


Jordan and Taylor are both natives of Arizona. Jordan was born and raised in the hottest part of the state, Ft. Mojave, Az. Jordan was one of nine Irish Catholic children. His father was a concrete man, and with that big of family, working hard was essential for each member of the household.Taylor was born in Mesa, and has deep Mesa roots where she get’s her entrepreneurial spirit. Her Great Grandfather Gunnel was one of the first owners of a BIG O Tire in the valley.


The couple has had two children, and Taylor is expecting twins. They are the biggest Notre Dame Football fans you have ever met. They love sports, they love spending time with each other, and prior to having children they were major thrill seekers. They also value education, so much so that one of Taylor’s condition’s for supporting her husbands entrepreneurial ambitions in 2013, was that he promised that both of them would return to finish their college degrees. We are happy to report, Taylor is a year away from having her bachelor’s degree in elementary education and Jordan…….


Jordan and Taylor started out with a vision to give customers the biggest bang for their buck possible. Bucksworth is the culmination of 7 plus years in residential pest control. The vision for Bucksworth is to provide value and solutions to customers through World-Class customer service, a ‘real’ money back guarantee, payment plans, and being on top of technology in ways that make everything from buying to scheduling a service is effortless. The service industry is full of average companies that are lead by lazy, incompetent, or even worse complacent managers and owners. Through hard work and experience, the company has championed customer satisfaction through technology, written expectations, timeliness, advanced notifications, follow up, and most importantly, we love our job and our profession. Although Jordan and Taylor have been unwavering entrepreneurs for many years, they have a deep interest to further solidify their personal and professional commitment and mission of being contributing members to their community. Jordan and Taylor are eager to establish philanthropic interests especially in education, arts and culture, human and health services, and community service.


Jordan and Taylor want all customer’s and potential customer’s to know one thing; We value your money, and we promise to work our hardest to meet your expectation’s.


Get started with Bucksworth and say goodbye to hundreds of unwanted guests.

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